Interior of the loft apartaments in the center of Saint - Petersburg. We have created characteristic atmosphere, enveloping and relaxing, while not devoid of sophistication and luxury.
The project uses a mix of different textures: concrete, velvet, coarse plaster and black glossy surfaces. Dark colors give the space depth and help to look more presentable to the interior. The backlight and accents of soft furniture refresh it and bring lightness.
One - room suite is made in light colors. We were inspired by New York apartments and imagined the owner of the apartments as an adept of urban life, leading a rich social life outside the house, and wanted to make the interior as simple and clean as possible.
The main highlight of our design concept is the planning solution for a two - room suite. We believe that it is best to admire the northern views of St. Petersburg right from your bathroom! This trend has long won the hearts of the whole world, including ours.
This rooms presented in more luxurious textures, a glamourious atmosphere, refinement in every detail.