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International Associate AIA
The bureau was founded in 2014 by the creative tandem of architect Julia Azamatova and decorator Miroslav Stafi. We offer a range of services in the field of architecture - from the architectural design to the final cut - interior design and decoration. High quality of services is provided by a team of qualified specialists who are the company's most valuable capital. We follow our own corporate style called "modern geometrism" and bring aestetic of Kabbalah in every our work.
Geography of projects - from Iceland to Japan.
For a relatively short period, we managed to establish ourselves as a reliable partner in matters of cooperation with private clients, construction firms, real estate agents and brokers. Julia Azamatova Architects rightfully occupies one of the highest positions among companies providing services in the market of architecture, design and improvement.

The company's co - founder, Julia Azamatova, an architect with more than 9 years of experience. Her favorite styles are empire, american classic, minimalism, loft. Among her hobbies are painting, piano, design. Even though painting is just a hobby, one of her paintings was acquired by a collector from the United States. "I consider my profession unique, because it is located at the crossroads of the latest technology and the arts."

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