Interior design & decoration

It is important to create a space that in the absence of it's contents will not lose its zest and which can be easily transformed with the change of its functional purpose or customer tastes.
Using materials that have the properties of "decent aging" allows the interior to not lose its sense of style after time and adds to its charm.
A good design is not a deliberately complex distribution of plasterboard space, which often masks the lack of competence in design. A good design is rather the purity and clarity of well-chosen solutions.
We are ready to develop a successful design project for you, from the initial concept to the project documentation for its proper implementation.
Modern computer programs allow you to make changes and additions to the shape of the designed objects and spaces almost in real time, saving you from headache later in the construction process.
Naturally, the interior design is not only the pictures and drawings. Quality implementation is no less important than the project itself. We are ready to fully equip your home - all design and functional materials, furniture, decor, and finaly - artworks, home cinemas and sound systems.