Answering the main posed question about the urban environment in which I would like to live, let us conventionally distinguish three components:

- external aesthetics and inner comfort;

- safeness;

- ecology.

A person feels comfortable when the environment is comparable with him, and in most cases being on the ground perceives only the first floors of a nearby building. Therefore, if there is no possibility to reduce the number of storeys of buildings, on the lower floors of the complex from several buildings it is necessary to organize a stylobate, a little wider or slightly narrower, with a covered colonnade, so that the building does not perceive the building as a steep rock due to the gradual construction of the building. The common ground also connects volumes and "puts" them on the ground from a perspective point of view, contains a public functions around the perimeter of the block, not crossing the streams of visitors to public centers with residents resting in the yards. In the inner territory, in turn, on the first floors you can place pre-school institutions, premises of the management company, communal services offices, control room, security point, etc.

Cars storage (if soils allow) it is desirable to place in underground parking lots. Separate parking buildings rarely fit well into a residential environment, often they have to hide in the backyard. It is possible to selectively mark the yard territory adjacent to the building, and under it to organize the device of the closed parking place, and above, on the exploited roof - landscaping. Multilevel space with wide stepped platforms and staircases will diversify the courtyard and make it more interesting and cozy. The maximum closed inner territory will ensure the safety of residents. After all, three whales, contributing to the relaxation of a person on the territory of their home - this is cleanliness, security, and the opportunity to relax in the green zone.

Given the high population density, it is necessary to build an environmentally friendly system with a minimum of consumption and waste, as far as possible. Energy efficient windows, lighting devices, containers for sorting garbage - plastic, paper, metal. We offer as an experiment, and then at the legislative level, the equipping of all new apartments with household in-sink utilizers.

We are for the reasonable care of the environment, categorically against the conversion of facades of buildings into one large mass of green plantations. Materials used in construction must have the stability and the ability to "beautifully aging", they must be environmentally friendly and do not require complex maintenance during usage.