Street bench design concept for Design Museum Portland
All design process is based around the "P" letter. Portland, Saint -Petersburg (we often shorten our city name to Petersburg, Peter, or even Saint - P)
"P" letter usually refer us to "Parking". So, we have desided to dedicate our design not only to Portland, but to our hometown too. Let our cultural links getting stronger!


The design of the bench is a metal frame lined with thin metal sheets at the ends of the bench and with wooden slats in the seating area and through holes under it. The metal frame makes the structure durable and stable. The wood adds ecological compatibility and comfort to the person. It is possible to produce a recycled plastic on a 3d printer (the metal for making the carcass should also preferably be a recyclable material), as we did to produce a smaller copy of the model.
Wooden slats to protect against corrosion caused by atmospheric precipitation, it is necessary to cover with protective covercoat.