The concept of modern architecture is becoming a global and understandable worldwide. But it is important that the new expression keeping respect to the traditional, and our roots are not forgotten. Any culture is a national treasure, at the same time containing the spirit of modernity. We imagine a Pop Lab as a clean sheet of the present, only a hint of a revocation us to the traditions. Solid facade with concrete finish allows everyone to choose what he sees on this sheet. This allows you to ask yourself the question: "What's inside?"

Cloth glass facade reflects the surroundings, dissolving the museum building, leveling the weight and solidity of concrete. The building project includes 7 floors above ground and two underground. The possibility of using underground floor includes a placement in their storage rooms of the museum, as well as a temporary car park with docks for Seagways and electric cars. Top 6th and 7th floors are designed with a space from the main plane of the facade. This allows you to visually reduce the height of the building and make it more comfortable for human perception, but also open for use outdoor terraces for outdoor activities, reading, communicating, conducting lunch. Panoramic view from the restaurant on the seventh floor will allow to escape from the bustle and enjoy the views. The volume of the first floor is in the glass, which makes the interior space open and inviting .The complex in the amount of roof - the only thing that sends the image to the traditional in our understanding of the Japanese philosophy - the pursuit of nature, its intricate dynamic forms, but at the same time, peace of mind, inner strength and skill, perpetrated by man.